Wallands Community Primary and Nursery School


Reception is the final year of the Foundation Stage.

It is a unique and important year and the next stage of your child’s school journey.

In the Reception Class, children learn new skills and develop greater independence through playing, exploring and being active. They establish core skills in reading, writing and mathematics along with the other fundamental Areas of Learning. This is achieved through a combination of carefully planned child initiated opportunities, adult lead small group activities and time each day for the direct teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, including frequent opportunities for children to practise and consolidate their skills.

EYFS staff work in close partnership with parents, getting to know every child, building on their previous learning and thus enabling clear and specific planning for their next steps. We use Tapestry, an online journal, to record the learning and fun of the children's Early Years education. This is a key communication tool between home and school where parents feel valued and involved as part of their child's education and development.

Routines are set that enable the children to feel safe, secure and happy. While links with the wider school community are made through the Harbour project joining with the Nursery and participation in whole-school events and celebrations. Expectations early on for kind and thoughtful behaviour are set in line with the whole school values. These lead to developing children’s confidence and generate a love of learning and an enjoyment of school. 

As the children develop their ability to focus and sustain interest, the structure of the day is adapted in preparation for their transition to Year 1.






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