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Every school has a governing body whose members work as a team. Governors are responsible to parents and the community for making sure the school provides a good quality education. Governors also promote high standards of educational achievement. They do this together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management of the school.

The governing body is responsible for three main areas:

  • Setting the vision and strategic direction of the school
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for its educational performance
  • Ensuring financial resources are well spent.

 Governors are often referred to as “critical friends”, and the role is to support and question on all aspects of school life. Governors are involved in recruiting staff when the need arises. They also keep an eye on the school budget, the state of the building, attendance and welfare as well as, very importantly, the curriculum.

The governance role is strategic, and this means that governors are not responsible for day to day operation of the school, since this is the function of the Head Teacher.  The Head Teacher does however have a responsibility to work with the board of governors to set the strategic direction.  The Head Teacher is therefore part of the governing body.

The governing body includes:

  • Parent Governors who are elected by other parents/carers at the school
  • A Staff Governor who is elected by school staff
  • A Local Authority Governor who is nominated by the Local Authority but is appointed by the Governing Body
  • Co-opted Governors who are appointed by the Governing Body

New governors are elected for a four-year period; they are given an induction programme, and attend training specially arranged for new governors.

 There are termly Full Governing Board meetings during the academic year.  Each governor has a link area, these include special educational needs and disabilities; early years, equality and safeguarding.

The Clerk to the governing body arranges (in conjunction with the Headteacher and the Chair of governors) and publishes the agendas for meetings of the governing body, and prepares and circulates minutes of meetings. They also circulate training opportunities for governors, and advises governors on legal and procedural matters.

Getting involved at your child's school: Becoming a parent governor

One way to get involved at your child's school is to become a parent governor. If you are interested then you can contact the Clerk to the governing body to find out when there will be a vacancy. You can also let the Headteacher know of your interest because there may be other types of vacancies on the governing body.

When a parent governor vacancy exists the Clerk to the Governors writes to all parents asking for nominations. If the school receives more than one nomination a ballot is held and parents are invited to vote for their preferred candidate.

Being a governor is a challenging and rewarding role for anyone who wants to help children do better at school, cares about the education children receive, and wants to strengthen links between schools and their community.

Contact the Governors

If you have an enquiry for the Governors please email the Clerk in the first instance; she will then forward your query as appropriate. The Clerk is Fiona Adams; clerk@wallandscp.e-sussex.sch.uk

Structure of the governing body

Holly Aquilina  Co-Opted  30.9.2021  29.9.2025  Partnership
Debbie Collis Head teacher   Ex-Officio 01.09.2016  31.08.2041
Tom Bell  Co-Opted    29.04.2021 28.04.2025 Quality of Education - SEND
Lucy Consadine Co-opted 01.9.2022 01.9.2026 Mental health and well being
Colin Edgley (Resigned)  Local Authority  23.01.2020  25.11.2021  Inclusion and Wellbeing – Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing

Kylie Gibney   


Staff 30.09.2021 7.7.2022 Staff Governor
Fiona Large  Staff 30.09.2021  29.09.2025  Data Link
Alison Moore  Co-Opted  25.11.2021  24.11.2025  Equalities
Karen Morse (Resigned)   Co-Opted  01.11.2019 31.10.2023
Mark Pearson (Resigned)  Co-Opted  30.11.2017  29.11.2021  Quality of Education - Data Link
Alan Read  Parent  24.01.2020  23.01.2024  Co-vice-Chair
Sara Russet  Co-Opted  25.9.2020  24.09.2024  Chair
Daniel Salter  Parent  11.03.2019  10.03.2023  Co-vice Chair – Safeguarding, Training



01.09.2018 31.08.2022  Quality of Education - Curriculum

Sally Stonehouse

01.09.2022 01.09.2026 Quality of Education - Curriculum
Tamara Holmes Co-Opted  29.04.2021  28.04.2025  Finance 
Josephine Anderson  Co-Opted  30.09.2021   29.09.2025 Early Years
Mark Deacon   Co-Opted  30.09.2021 29.09.2025  Health and Safety
Vacancy  Local Authority